Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Heads of the 4 existing Pub Footy teams from 2009 met tonight at a secret location (the old bar) to discuss the future of the competition. The outcome was reported to be positive with the green light given to two new brave clubs from the inner north of Melbourne. They are The Labour In Vain Hotel named as "The Pain" and The Birmingham Hotel "Lions". Team colours have been decided- The Pain will wear predominately Red and the Lions will enter the battle in Royal Blue.

The 5 team round robin was scrapped at the 11th hour with a late call from new Eastern Eye Gouge Captain Tom McGuigan- registering his team 7 minutes before the meeting. This makes for an intriguing conflict of biblical proportion as Captain of The Birmingham Hotel is Tom's brother Joe McGuigan. Irish descent, but light on the piss- this will be pub footy's first Cain and Abel or in the words of Radio Raheem: "left hand HATE versus right hand LOVE".

Other changes to Season 2010 has seen Bats founder Jensen Tjhung stand down from the Captaincy in order to 'concentrate on his kicking', and veteran backman Snoop Mitchell has taken the helm. Robust full back Liam "Banjo" O'Shannessy (reknowned for absolutely spitting-it at cach Sabo at Vic Park last year) is steering the Tote through stormy waters and The Old Bar's Joel and Liam continue to grow body hair and dream up non-football related activities to do on a football field. Leaked rumours of "the best entrance yet" to a pub football game promise to "re-invent the banner".

Support the launch of The Labour In Vain's 2010 squad with an afternoon fundraiser on Sat May 8 at the Labour, featuring bands, booze and a bunch of middle-aged dreamers animating set plays into the night.

More news to follow and dates to be announced.
Stay tuned.


  1. Welcome Back Pub Footy!

    Sweet deal on setting up the blog Jensen.

    2008 is a long time ago... Might wanna update that victory photo.


  2. Disappointed that no one's gone with the traditional Fitzroy Gorillas moniker.

  3. can anyone fwd me some deets of someone to contact about the pub footy league. looking to make enquiries re: a potential new team...